Three noblemen and a drunk (and a dwarf)

The Heroes of Griffindown

After defeating a Hag which had used love potions to unite the bandits of Griffindown and convince them to kidnap children, the party is given an ox and cart and the gracious thanks of the entire land.

This is the party’s first time feeling like true heroes. It feels good.

The Intro is Over

Barnaby leads his tearful but grateful family north, out of the city to which they have given so much, to a new future in Dol Hansea. With him are his new companions Dorn Dundragon, AKA “Johnny Hopkins”, Eibhear of Sudreygar, Istvan Tornally, and Zuuk the Skald.

They are all true heroes now, but what awaits them? Dol Hansea is a long journey on foot, but the party was nice enough to use their new bag of holding to store provisions for the journey. Most of the families heirlooms and magic items were taken by the Mezcal family themselves, but the party was able to snag some things to sell before the house and its belongings were looted. Zuuk lucked out especially, picking up 10 +1 crossbow Bolts and scrolls of Identify and Unseen Servant.

The small barony of Griffindown lies to the north, a collection of sleepy rural hamlets and friendly elves that should provide little to threaten our brave adventurers. Dundragon, the Duchy to the north, may provide more adventure but truly, who’s to say what fate has in store for our protagonists?

Home is Where you Hang your Hardhat

Eibhear’s inbetweeny bit is up! His is the longest by far, As I’m trying to describe in a very brief way a nation and the big powers within it. It’s pretty rough and unedited but hopefully readable.

I’ll see you guys saturday!

Chasing the Dragon

Zuuk’s inbetweeny bit is now up

A Matter of Business

Istvan’s inbetweeny bit is now up.

Friends in Low Places

Dorn’s inbetweeny bit is up. I’m slowly learning how to make these more readable in this format, but until I figure it out a bit better I think I’ll just print out the ability sheets I’m making and give them to you as you come in. I’ll figure it out so I don’t have to do that every time you go up a level, but that’ll do for this week.

Barnaby Mezcal - The Gods of your Father

I have put up Barnaby’s inbetweeny bit in the wiki, as well as a list of his abilities and the spells he can ask his god for when he rests. Hope it’s helpful!

Everyone else’s shall be up soon, in roughly alphabetical order. I don’t know how to spell Aver(?) so he’ll go last. Also, his inbetweeny bit is much longer than everyone elses. Please don’t throw things at me, I’ll try to even them out as we go on :P

Getting to know you

After a week of character building and tutorial combat (in which the GM got a few things wrong, but now knows better), the group falls into a restful sleep, lulled softly by the mournful honk of a tuba.

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